Look and See

Welcome on our little place on the web.
  Feel free to quietly look around and have a peek in our garden or outside of it, seeing trough our eyes.
  And I deliberately write "quietly".

Maybe you realize or not, we are living a life were everything has to go as fast as possible.
  But if you go fast what did you actually see? What have you felt, experienced?
  How did you get were you are?

A phylosophical mood, yes, why not? Standing still for a moment, letting thoughts go deeper...
  Even standing still in our garden and becoming aware of details, opened a whole new world for me.
Driven and dulled by the daily obligations and incentives, I find peace here.
Here the light penetrates my soul and warm feelings come up again.
  And not only here, of course,
  also outside our garden, when I look through my lens and am looking for beautiful things.

By the way in the begining of this article, I immediately say "our".
   The photos can be of anyone who can call this place "our garden".
   From everyone in our family who stood still and saw something beautiful.
   Now, this being said, we just want to share these photos with you.
   We made them because something triggered us to make them.

Have a lot of viewing pleasure!


(P.S) The English transalation of this site would be: it'scoolinourgarden/lookandsee